Go for Launch!


Welcome to the MSSL Astrophysics Blog!

In this blog we will talk about all the amazing astronomy research that happens at MSSL. MSSL is UCL’s department of Space and Climate Physics, located in the Surrey Hills in the UK.┬áMSSL is an interesting place to work, and we work on a vast range of astronomy projects. The department also builds components for satellite missions. In fact MSSL is one of the oldest and most well established space science departments in the world, and the largest in the UK.

We will also talk about our lives as PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and academic staff. What is it like to work at the cutting edge of research? What is it like to live and work in an area of outstanding natural beauty? How and why are we researching astronomy, and what motivates us? What were our career paths like, and what advice can we give? These are all questions that we will answer in the fullness of time.

Every two weeks you will find a new blog post. If something particularly interesting happens here, for example we always have interesting seminar speakers, a new satellite mission gets launched, or if people make profound discoveries in astronomical research – we will be sure to let you know!