Inspiring Women: My ‘IWA Inspires’ Talk

As a female scientist, I was invited to talk about my field of research — cosmology — at the Iranian Women’s Association, IWA, on Thursday October 8th. IWA is a member of the ‘Federation of International Women’s Associations in London’ (FIWAL), which was formed in 1986 to provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and expertise. IWA launched a new series ‘IWA Inspires’, with the aim of inspiring women to pursue their careers in all fields such as Business, Science, Engineering, and so on. Women are at the forefront of advances in many scientific and non-scientific disciplines, even though their driving role may be invisible. As a female scientist pursuing my own goals, I would like to strongly highlight the critical importance of participation of women in science. Hence I was happy to be the first speaker of the ‘IWA Inspires’ series and to promote the vital importance of the contribution of women to our future and our society.

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