Celebrating the Persian New Year at MSSL

Hello World,

I am Paniez Paykari, a new postdoctoral researcher at MSSL-UCL. I am a cosmologist and since joining the Astro group at MSSL in February, I have been working on Weak Lensing (WL). My previous work was mostly focused on the cosmic microwave background (CMB). I work with Tom Kitching, co-leader of the Euclid Weak Lensing Science Working Group, and the leader of the CFHTLenS cosmology working group. The switch from CMB to WL has been really exciting; WL is at the beginning of its journey towards precision cosmology and there are so many challenges that need to be overcome. For some people this is exciting and for some demotivating. For me, it has been very motivating! I enjoy discovering and overcoming challenges.

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