Euclid Flying High

Post by Magdalena Szafraniec, Euclid detector scientist, reporting from the Farnborough Airshow 2014.


The Farnborough International Airshow took place between 14th and 20th July at the Farnborough Airport in Hampshire, England. The first five days were dedicated to the traders, while the last two days, Saturday and Sunday were open to the public. The air show, which is organized every two years, is an important event for the international aerospace and defence industry, attracting over 200,000 visitors. During the weekend the air show enthusiasts came along with their families to explore the new developments in the civilian and military aircraft. This year, among a number of other innovative solutions, the latest Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A350, Scorpion Fighter and a near-silent two-seater plane on display attracted most of the crowds. The observers could also admire a number take-offs and landings, formation flying shows as well as the impressive and incredibly noisy vertical landing of the harrier.


The Euclid mission had a stand at the show, representing the next big European astronomy mission. Being a medium class ESA astronomy and astrophysics space mission, Euclid’s telescope will collect images of the most of the extragalactic sky and study its geometry, dark matter and dark energy. Although the launch is scheduled for 2020, all members of the consortium already have their hands full of work. The research groups and contractors spread across the Europe simulate, design, manufacture and test every single component of the telescope to ensure their reliability over a 6 years long mission. Placed in the aerospace pavilion among other space related projects, Euclid’s stand was incredibly popular and well-attended, especially by the young people.

The Euclid’s team was impressed by the level of understanding and knowledge about the project represented by the young students. The logo of the mission attracted a number of visitors. The purple cone on a dark background represents the accelerated expansion of the Universe.


This year Farnborough Airshow, as promised by the organizers, provided an amazing week of Aviation excellence and family entertainment. We are already looking forward to the next show in 2016.





Photos courtesy of  Konrad Szalinski and Screensword,



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